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Each one of these light probes is 4096 x 2048. The actual resolution that they were captured at is 7k by 3.5k . They have been scaled.  This is because they are intended for lighting and reflection, for which 4k is more than sufficient. Each probe is stitched together from 15 images: 5 brackets for each of the 3 angles. With this technique we can capture a significant amount of dynamic range. Essentially the only thing our system can’t fully capture is the sun itself. So in cases where the sun is clipped, a sun of appropriate brightness and color has been added post capture. You will see a “_CSP” appended to the shot name if that has been the case, allowing you to identify which probes have the sun in them.

Organization is based off of scene headings: “int” for interior and “ext” for exterior. This is followed by time of day, followed by location with some description. Hopefully this will help you find what your are looking for faster. If there is a “D” at the front of the probe, that stands for Destruction. These are areas that look post-apocalyptic, destroyed, or dilapidated.  They’re perfect for your zombie, disaster, alien invasion, or other catastrophic movie needs!

To better assist in finding the appropriate match we have tone mapped the image and then rendered the ajax statue, on a chrome ball, from four different angles: 0, 90, 180, 270.  This should give a you a good feel for what the probe will produce.

The Ajax model you see in the example renders is courtesy of Jotero.

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