Q. Why if you process everything at 7k do you only deliver 4k?

A. The probes are specifically for lighting, and 4k is more than enough for that.  Many websites sell probes for both lighting and background in which case you need more resolution.  Our probes are intended to work as starting points for lighting setups.  A client brings you a shot, you don’t have a probe of the plate, so the idea is you can find something similar in our collection.


Q.  Why are there so many that seem similar?

A. With any exterior lighting there is a big difference even minute-to-minute during the same sunset.  The environment may look very similar but the lighting will be very different, and our probes are all about lighting.  As an example,  we offer a probe of a treehouse next to a white fence.  As a film background it makes little sense, but if you look at the resulting light, you can see why the location was sampled.


Q.  This probe looks dark or bright.

A. All our probes are in high dynamic range, and capture the full gamut of light in the shot.  Regardless of what the probe looks like when opened, know that all the dynamic range is recorded, which safely allows you to expose the image as you wish.  There is so much range that in one probe you’ll have to choose if you want to expose for the sun or shadow.


Q.  Why don’t you do bundles?

A.  We feel it is more efficient to offer volume discounts.  That way if you find a variety of probes that you like, you can just buy them in a group and the price will be lower.  This essentially gives you the freedom to define your own bundle.  And if you would like to own them all, we have a sales option for that as well.


Q.  I noticed a seam in the probe?

A.  It’s possible.  We try hard to stitch  these perfectly but sometimes it is tricky. Please remember that our probes are intended for lighting purposes, and as such, even if there is a seam it will work just fine.

Q.  Where did you get that awesome Ajax model?

A.  It was courtesy of Jotero.  forum.jotero.com